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  • 20.11.12

    A day in the life...

    While the bombs started raining down on Gaza, we had just returned from another house demolition. They are a family of 7; 5 children, the youngest who is 2. The mother is pregnant with her 6th child and now they are homeless.

  • 22.10.12

    Praying for justice and peace in Azzun

    Disturbing reports of arrests of Palestinian civilians and vandalism of their homes at the hands of Israeli forces are not a new phenomenon in the West Bank.

  • 30.08.12

    Breaking the Silence

    Avner is a slight, quietly spoken young man in short-sleeved blue T-shirt and jeans, his pale skin protected from the sun by a straw hat. Hard to imagine that just 5 years ago he was a paratrooper.

  • 21.08.12

    Special Report: Palestinian Villages in the Firing Zone

    The 30,000 stony dunams of Massafer Yatta in the South Hebron Hills are starkly beautiful. They are also, apparently ideal training terrain for the Israeli army, particularly in the event of another war with Lebanon.


  • 7.08.12

    Not in my name, not for my security: Sderot resident

    Nomika Zion lives in one of the kibbutzim in Sderot affected by the firing of rockets from Gaza into Israeli territory. She told us how in the midst of the conflict she and some residents decided to form a group called “The Other...

  • 27.07.12

    Paying the price...for what?

    There’s a phrase that gets sprayed on mosques, schools and homes following acts of violence and vandalism against Palestinians: “Price tag.”


  • 19.07.12

    First time at the beach

    Just a few miles from the sea, live children who have never seen it, never swum in its water, never built sand castles. All activities which we, in the UK, would regard as ‘normal’.

  • 10.07.12

    Giving a face and a name to Holocaust victims

    The orientation visit to Jerusalem's Holocaust Museum makes a strong impression on Group 44.

  • 3.07.12

    Another Friday, another protest in Kafr Qaddum

    For the Abu Ihab family, Friday wasn’t too bad. Admittedly there were Israeli soldiers on their roof firing tear gas... But Isra’a, the youngest daughter, said they weren’t really afraid today.

  • 22.06.12

    Women's chatter and tear gas in Kafr Qaddum

    Kafr Qaddum is a small, centuries-old village in the West Bank. Their neighbour is the settlement Qedumim, which is built on the Palestinian village’s former farming land. Because of the settlement one of the roads out of Kafr...