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72. Men with Guns

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Arik Ascherman talks with a Palestinian landowner of the second field visited on the day.


Armed settler who came to confront the group and ensure the Palestinian farmers would be unable to plow their field.


Hillel Bardin, retired Israeli computer programmer, and a volunteer with Rabbis for Human Rights.


Rabbi Arik Ascherman tries to negotiate between the soldiers on the road and the Palestinian farmers in the field.


Rabbi Ascherman reads faxed order sent by the army declaring the area a "security zone," which meant the farmers couldn't plow and all had to leave or be arrested.


The Palestinian farmer who hosted the group for tea.


The family of the Palestinians who owned the second field where plowing was prevented.


The group shares tea with the Palestinian farmers who live above the second field visited on the day.  Beny Green is in the blue shirt.


The homes and small garden plots of the families denied the right to plow their fields.


Wildflowers in the fields of the South Hebron hills.


With the tractors on the hillside, the Palestinian farmers wait during the negotiations with the soldiers.  In the end the army closed the area for "security reasons," which prevented the plowing and required all to leave.