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85. Working Retreat - June 2005


01HaifaRetreatJUne2005Bahai GardensRMork200506

A view from the top of the Bahai Gardens in Haifa. The EAs went on a tour of this religious shrine.


Bokala and Hendricks continue the discussion.


Dr. Tayseer Maray of Golan for Development in the occupied Syrian village of Majdal Shams showing the group the "no-man's land" and unoccupied Syria in the hills beyond.


EA Paul Khantsi from South Africa leading a morning prayer service for the EAs.


EAs Ninni Holfve (left) from Sweden and Karen Elisabeth Heskja from Norway at the Women in Black demonstration.


EAs Pandora Bokala (left) and Mario Hendricks from South Africa discuss the reason for the Women in Black demonstration with this passer-by.

02HaifaRetreatJune2005Bahai GardensEAsRMork200506

EAs during their tour of the Bahai Gardens.


Gila Svirsky of Women in Black and the Women's Coalition for Peace addressing the group of EAs in a Jerusalem park.


Heather Brunskell-Evans from Britain (foreground) and other EAs supporting the Women in Black.


Karen Elisabeth Heskja (left) and Gila Svirsky.


Professor Arnon Soffer speaking with EAs Karen Elisabeth Heskja (left) and Anne Louise Tegelsrud from Norway.

06JerusalemJeremy MilgromHerminaRMork200506

Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom (left) with Programme Coordinator Hermina Damons.


Some passers-by disagree with the Women in Black and engage in a discussion with EA Carola Cameran, an Italian now residing in France.


The weekly Friday demonstration of Women in Black in Jerusalem.