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Eyewitness Reports:

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Please visit the EAPPI blog at blog.eappi.org for the most recent eyewitness reports!

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  • 29.05.12

    Life in the West Bank? It's amazing

    I have just come to the end of my three month stint as an Ecumenical Accompanier and returned home to a fairly grey British spring. I know that over the coming days and weeks I will be asked many variations on a theme of ‘how was...

  • 15.05.12

    Checkpoint 300

    One of the most essential parts of my job is to go to the border between Israel and the West Bank where the people of Bethlehem can pass over into the Jerusalem side. I monitor ”Checkpoint 300”, which looks like a hole in the...

  • 7.05.12

    Pushed to the limits: a story of land and determination

    Bazem Dilleh is a sheep farmer and the Mayor of Tawayel, a hamlet to the south east of Nablus in the West Bank. I meet him in at his house at the end of a long dirt road. He lives in Area C of the West Bank and as such he cannot...

  • 2.11.11

    Not more, not less than others




    Until a year ago, the village of Qusra, in the northern part of the West Bank, was not in the news. But since the beginning of 2011 armed Israelis from the illegal settlement Shilo and its outposts Eli and Eish Qadeesh...

  • 28.10.11

    "It doesn't make sense to us either"

    Mohammed Daoud is 22 and ready to spread his wings. But the idea of building his own house is a distant dream because of an arbitrary policy of the occupation.

  • 27.10.11

    Electricity, the army, and the right to education

    In the village of Imneizil, in the far south of the West Bank, even solar panels for the local school and health centre have a demolition order from the army.

  • 20.09.11

    A life in Area C

    Abu Saqr has lived his whole life in the Jordan Valley. Since the Oslo Accords defined his village as "Area C," life has been a struggle. He told his story to EAPPI.

  • 8.09.11

    Lost to the Barrier

    The Israeli authorities are making it ever harder for Palestinian farmers to access their land in the zone between the separation barrier and Israel.

  • 29.08.11

    "I don't care if the bulldozer comes."

    This year, hundreds of Palestinians have been made homeless by the Israeli army's policy of house demolitions. EAPPI visited a family who refuse to give up their right to a home.

  • 12.08.11

    End of the line - Palestine

    In the shadow under a tree not far from downtown Hebron an old man sits guarding his land. His accommodation makes it clear how determined he is to stay here.