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Start > Photos & Videos > Photos > 98. Israeli peace activists march on E. Jerusalem

Israeli peace activists protest East Jerusalem Evictions

Making some noise

Marching past New Gate

Crossing the Green Line

Noisy marching!

Protestor with whistle

Setting off from Jaffa Street

Horns of support

End of the march

EA Leslie with Palestinian evicted in August

Arriving in Sheikh Jarrah

International activists head up the March from West to East Jerusalem

Passing the mosque

Marching along the main road

Drumming outside a confiscated house

A gun and a cigarette

Sheikh Jarrah March Nov 2009 13

Drumming for peace

Israeli and international demonstrators outisde the Ghawi house

Children and mosque

Israeli peace activists enter Sheikh Jarrah

In November, Israeli peace activists took to the streets in protest at the Israeli authorities' recent evictions of over 50 Palestinians including at least 20 children from their homes in East Jerusalem. The policies of evictions and house demolitions are key to Israel's policy of asserting demographic and political dominance over East Jerusalem, which it occupied in 1967.

The demonstrators made a noisy, colourful show of solidarity with the Ghawi and Hannoun families, who were evicted in August and live at the sharp end of Israel's occupation. The Israelis were accompanied by EAs and international activists. Photos: EAPPI.