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EAPPI Publications

Faith Under Occupation




An Unjust Settlement

Israel's settlement project in the West Bank is one of the main obstacles to a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Yet the human impact of the settlements is often ignored. This 100-page report examines the effects of the settlements on Palestinian communities: land confiscation, violence by settlers, restrictions on movement and access and a discriminatory system of water distribution.

Silently Displaced in the West Bank

Click below to download "Silently Displaced in the West Bank," EAPPI's latest focused report on Internally Displaced People. The report includes first-hand testimonies and evidence gathered in the field by Ecumenical Accompaniers, along with a comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon. 



Silently Displaced in the West Bank (PDF, pages 1-48)

Silently Displaced in the West Bank (PDF, pages 49-96)

A Theological Reflection on Accompaniment

What does it mean to accompany? In this EAPPI booklet, Christian scholars and former Ecumenical Accompaniers explore their experiences, the theological context and religious significance of EAPPI's work.