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15. Third group of EAs




June-September 2003

Twelve ecumenical accompaniers (EAs) have been in the Occupied Territories since March 2003, and will continue on the ground until the end of May. The second group of volunteers to participate in a World Council of Churches Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI), they come from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA.


Bridge-building, solidarity and witness are the focus for this diverse group of people. As Israel announces that it will bar peace activists from entry and deport them, those who have responded to the call to advocate for justice are finding their place in an increasingly hostile environment of unabated assassinations, home demolitions, siege and suicide bombings.



A farmer from Jayyous approaches a gate in the Security Fence.Notice an Ecumenical Accompanier, Matt Robson (in red shirt) keeping an eye on his treatment.


A common sight in Nablus – closed shops as Israeli tanks reoccupy the town, August 2003.


Gate in the wall near Jayous.


Members of Women in Black demonstrate every Friday in West Jerusalem, using their silent protest to convince their government to stop the illegal occupation of the Palestinian occupied territories. Gila Svirsky is the woman on the left.