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חדשות מועצת הכנסיות העולמית

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  • 9.01.09

    Christians mobilize for ending violence in and around Gaza

    Individuals, groups, churches and councils of churches from Kenya to Sweden to the United States to Australia are carrying out hundreds of advocacy actions involving Christians concerned about the Gaza crisis, especially the collective punishment of the people of Gaza, and the need for a just and lasting peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

  • 7.01.09

    WCC invites prayers and advocacy for peace in Gaza

    Reiterating its call for a ceasefire in Gaza, the World Council of Churches has appealed to Christians everywhere to pray for peace and to advocate with their governments for a just peace in Israel and Palestine.

  • 29.12.08

    Violence against Gaza must stop immediately, WCC general secretary says

    ACT-hospital bombed

    The World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia has condemned "the violence against Gaza" and called on "governments in the region and abroad" to seek the protection of "those who are at risk [...] on both sides of the border".

  • 3.12.08

    US Conference for the WCC hears from persons taking concrete steps for peace

    The United States Conference for the World Council of Churches, meeting in Washington, D.C. in annual session under the theme of "Making peace: Claiming God's promise," is hearing from Christian activists who have dedicated their lives to making peace a reality.

  • 26.11.08

    US churches will voice concerns and hopes to President-elect Barack Obama

    Leaders and representatives of 24 US churches gathering in Washington, D.C. next week will deliver a message to President-elect Barack Obama, outlining hopes for the new administration in leading the nation forward and working for peace with justice.

  • 18.11.08

    Prayers for Bethlehem during Advent and Christmas

    As many Christians around the world prepare to celebrate Advent and Christmas in the security of their homes and communities, they are invited to pray for justice, peace and security for Palestine and Israel - and to send a prayer or a peace message to Bethlehem (at the following address: aei@p-ol.com).

  • 10.09.08

    International conference addresses religious dimensions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    The need to "re-frame the religious dimensions" of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a key goal of a 4-day international theological conference starting today in the Swiss capital, Bern. The conference involves some 65 theologians and church leaders from all over the world who are focusing on the issue of "Promised Land".

  • 2.09.08

    An international ecumenical debate on the issue of "promised land"

    One challenge for churches addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the fact that it takes place in a land that different religions consider holy. A conference in Bern will discuss the concept of the "Promised Land" and related theological issues with a view to help more churches become advocates for a just peace.

  • 18.06.08

    In parish and parliament, churches of 40 countries give witness for Mid-East peace

    In Australia a broad spectrum of church leaders came together to address national public opinion makers on the Israel-Palestine conflict and launch a parish awareness kit. In Scotland a cross-party group in Parliament met with Christian, Jewish and Muslim representatives. In Budapest, Hungary's second largest church sent letters about peace for Israelis and Palestinians to the national and foreign governments. In Norway the foreign minister and a Palestinian bishop addressed a multi-religious peace service.

  • 4.06.08

    In Jerusalem and around the world, a week of church action for Middle East peace begins

    Today in Jerusalem, at the launch of a worldwide week of action for peace in Israel and Palestine, different churches will come together for an ecumenical service giving thanks for "every church and parish around the world that is praying with us this day for peace".