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53. Photo Essay - Bawabe: A Roadblock to Normal Life

Israel "Separation Wall" is disrupting the lives of countless communities in the West Bank. This is the story of just a few of them. The village of Al-Izariyyeh is famous as the biblical village of Bethany. It was the home of Mary and Martha and of course their brother Lazarus, who the gospel tells us was raised from the dead by Jesus. The site of the tomb of Lazarus is still a major site for Christian pilgrims. But the lives of the people of Al-Izariyyeh as well as the neighboring villages of Sawahreh and Abu Dis are being disrupted by the construction of the Wall. In many cases, the necessities of daily life, such as getting to work or school, are being rendered practically impossible. A Catholic monastery, which sits on the borderline where the three towns meet, has had its walls breached as the Wall cuts its path. Ecumenical Accompaniers Jeremy Routledge of South Africa and Anna Seifert of the United Kingdom compiled this photo essay at the Bawabe barrier, located at the confluence of the three towns and perpendicular to the monastery.


"I am only doing my job," is not an acceptable answer for this family.


Barriers and roadblocks to normal life keep being put up but the local population keeps trying to find ways go on. This barbed wire was removed only moments later by some determined travelers and free movement was restored, if only temporarily.


Identity cards must be shown on the way through the barrier.


It is a barrier to any semblance of normal activity and a source of constant harassment.


This barrier leads to humiliation on a daily basis.


This barrier presents unacceptable obstacles to life.


"Collective punishment" in name of "security."


"I would like to visit my brother in East Jerusalem," could be one of the things this man is telling the Israeli soldier.


A blind man needs to cross over rubble and concrete in order to continue his journey.


Border Police control the passage of Palestinian people to and from Jerusalem at Bawabe.


Children in Al-Izariyyeh (Bethany) have their path to school blocked.


Part of Israel's "Separation Wall" cuts through East and West Sawahreh.


Scrambling over stones because all are considered a risk.


Shared taxis, usually beat-up Ford Transits known locally as "serveeses," take advantage of the fact that Israel has blocked the road to all traffic and shuttle people from either side of the barrier.


The Bawabe barrier blocks vehicles and hinders pedestrians on their way to and from Jerusalem. This route is used daily by workers, students, families, and neighbors.


The Wall blocks the road that used to connect Jerusalem and Jericho.


The previous low barrier has been "improved" with a higher structure.


They balance their goods despite the man-made obstacles.


This Wall cuts right through neighborhoods and divides families.


Trying to find a passage between wall and fence.


Ultimately, the Border Police can decide whether or not a person can pass.


Women bringing their produce to sell in Jerusalem.


There is only a narrow passage between the concrete, rubble, and barbed wire.