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News from the World Council of Churches (WCC)

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  • 24.12.05

    There is plenty of room at Bethlehem inns this year

    If Mary and Joseph had to get to Bethlehem this year, they would find themselves confronted with a 9-metre high concrete wall and a sophisticated, high-tech checkpoint.

  • 16.12.05

    WCC invites churches in all places to celebrate Assembly Sunday

    With two months remaining until the World Council of Churches' 9th Assembly in 2006, the organizers have launched an invitation to churches and Christians everywhere to accompany and support the event.

  • 30.11.05

    Christmas Message 2005 from the World Council of Churches general secretary

    When we pray in the words of the theme of the forthcoming WCC Assembly, "God, in your grace, transform the world", we confess our readiness to proclaim the good news that the Triune God has acted to dignify humanity through God's incarnation in Jesus Christ and to begin the transformation of a world that knows little of grace and mercy.

  • 15.11.05

    Plug in to the WCC's 9th Assembly via Internet

    By visiting www.wcc-assembly.info, you can be part of the 14-23 February 2006 World Council of Churches' (WCC) 9th Assembly in Porto Alegre, Brazil - an event that will bring thousands of Christian women and men from around the world together for ecumenical encounter, prayer, celebration and deliberation.

  • 25.10.05

    November 2005

    > African church leaders visit Israel and Palestine > Ecumenical Water Network consultation > Interreligious event on "My neighbour's faith and mine" > Women-to-women solidarity visit to Pakistan > The Roman Catholic Church and the WCC: 40 years of cooperation > Consultation on terrorism, human rights and counter-terrorism > Kobia supports Bread for the World campaign > European youth, Asian, German, Baltic and Nordic churches prepare for WCC Assembly

  • 20.10.05

    "Keeping the Faith": In lead-up to 9th Assembly, WCC multimedia project shows vitality of ecumenism

    The ecumenical movement is a reality for people and congregations around the world who live their faith on a daily basis. An integrated communication project, "Keeping the faith" shows this reality, and conveys the vitality of the ecumenical movement today.

  • 26.09.05

    October 2005

    > Middle East, US, Caribbean and Latin American churches prepare for WCC Assembly > Women's Voices and Visions on Being Church > Aram I and Kobia at US seminar on the future of ecumenism > Global Communicators' Network Meeting > Kobia at International Conference on Violence and Christian Spirituality

  • 24.08.05

    September 2005

    > How do we share copyrighted worship resources? > Transformation journey - young adult outreach > International Day of Prayer for Peace > World-wide ecumenical leaders meet in the USA > Kobia visits churches in Ethiopia > Theological guidelines for accompaniment in Palestine and Israel

  • 22.08.05

    To evaluate Gaza pullout, says WCC, look for signs of peace in the months ahead

    To fully evaluate the Gaza pullout, it is necessary to watch for a number of "signs of peace" in the months ahead, according to the international affairs unit of the World Council of Churches (WCC).

  • 10.08.05

    EAPPI: Including the first Muslim ever, new group brings total number of ecumenical accompaniers since 2002 to over 200

    Counting the 20 new volunteers who recently arrived in Jerusalem, the total number of people to have participated in the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) has now passed the 200-mark, as the programme completes its third year of existence.