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Eyewitness Reports:

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  • 5.01.10

    Just across the street, but out of reach

    Four months since the eviction of two Palestinian families in East Jerusalem, they are still in the streets asserting their right to return to their homes. Jenny, EA in Jerusalem, reports.

  • 5.01.10

    The Lion and the Lamb – Palestinian Christians call for justice

    It is difficult for most Muslims to visit Jerusalem to pray. But Palestinian Christians face many of the same difficulties - and they are beginning to speak out against the occupation.

  • 5.01.10

    The Siege of Gaza: Blunder of the Decade?

    Ten Ecumenical Accompaniers headed to Israel's border with Gaza on New Years' Eve to protest at Israel's brutal siege there. EA Terry examines the political context of the demonstration.

  • 23.12.09

    Everything and nothing

    “They have everything, we have nothing.” For the residents of Khallet Sakariya, wedged among four Israeli settlements in the West Bank, inequality is a daily reality.

  • 21.12.09

    Between a wall and toxic waste

    Tulkarem once thrived on agriculture. But the district's farmers face a double menace – a barrier that has swallowed swathes of their land and a factory that pollutes much of the remainder.

  • 26.11.09

    No water for the neighbors

    A group of suburban houses with well-irrigated gardens stand on the West Bank hillside. But the Bedouin neighbors are desperate for water. EA Miranda investigates.

  • 24.11.09

    "Palestine is beautiful, but Palestine is sad"

    The gates in Israel’s separation barrier that should give farmers access to their land the other side are often closed with no reason given. EA Penny shares the frustration of farmers in Jayyous.

  • 24.11.09

    Beautiful views, shame about the neighbours

    Nahla Mahoud and her family enjoy fantastic views from their house in the West Bank. But the price is fear of attacks by violent Israeli settlers.

  • 20.11.09

    Barriers to life - how a fence can strangle a village

    On our way to the Falamya gate at 4 in the morning, I realised the difference between life here and my life in Sweden. Here, freedom of movement cannot be taken for granted.

  • 18.11.09

    Is it acceptable?

    Is it acceptable to throw rocks? Is it an acceptable reaction to teargas a school? Bethlehem EAs meet the Israeli army in action.