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Новости Всемирный Совет Церквей (ВСЦ)

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  • 18.11.09

    WCC calls for investigation of Gaza war crimes

    The World Council of Churches (WCC) has asked the United Nations secretary-general to make sure that recommendations of a key report about war crimes committed during the conflict between Israeli and Palestinian armed forces in Gaza at the beginning of 2009 are properly followed up.

  • 2.09.09

    WCC calls to freeze and dismantle Israeli settlements

    The World Council of Churches (WCC) Central Committee called on the Israeli government to freeze and begin to dismantle settlements in occupied Palestinian territories. It also encouraged a commitment to non-violence and peace negotiations, and reiterated the need for an international boycott of products and services from settlements.

  • 22.06.09

    Eye witness perspectives on Middle East peace

    The Anglican primate of Ireland, directors of Christian development organizations in Europe and church leaders in Jerusalem have acted and spoken on peace for Israel and Palestine based on what each of them has seen on the ground.


  • 8.06.09

    Change is in the air, as churches do week for Middle East peace

    Change is in the air as churches in many parts of the world hold a "World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel" that began on 4 June 2009. New voices are advocating steps toward peace that churches have been promoting for years.

  • 27.05.09

    A "World Week" has churches working for peace where there is no peace

    Australia is focusing on Gaza, Austria has town pilgrimages. Brazil has seminary students debating conflict over "holy" land. Canadians, Scots, Norwegians, British and French are making contact with lawmakers. Directors of church-related aid agencies are visiting Israeli and Palestinian partner organizations. And on the high Wall that hems in Bethlehem, Palestinians are "showing" prayers at night.

  • 26.05.09

    Palestinian Christians want a Peace Lamp in every church

    Its population may be dwindling, but the Palestinian village of Taybeh is striving to maintain normality in the midst of conflict, and hope in the midst of oppression.

  • 5.05.09

    Churches in many countries preparing “World Week” of action for peace in Israel and Palestine

    World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel, 4-10 June 2009 is intended to generate joint church action for a just peace. Churches in 20 countries have already sent news of their plans to the convenors, the World Council of Churches (WCC). A Palestinian community organization is offering a way for many more countries to join – by sending peace prayers to Bethlehem.

  • 29.04.09

    Palestinian Christian family counters harassment with openness

    "A land is nothing without people, and people are nothing without a land." That's the maxim followed by Palestinian farmer Daoud Nassar. And when he speaks of the intimate connection between people and their land, he is talking from hard-won experience.

  • 2.04.09

    Israeli occupation puts strain on Palestinian Christians

    Churches around the world must speak out and act for justice in Israel and Palestine, church leaders told members of an ecumenical delegation visiting the region from 7 to 14 March.

  • 5.03.09

    Living Letters team to visit Israel and Palestine

    Peace-building initiatives and housing and education issues will be highlighted when a team of ecumenical representatives from around the world visits churches, ecumenical organizations and civil society movements in Israel and Palestine from 7 to 14 March.