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WCC general secretary applauds church support for the “Kairos Palestine” document



World Council of Churches general secretary, Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia, said the endorsement by the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem of the “Kairos Palestine” document “adds integrity, authority and force to the message of the document.”


 “The fact that the document itself came from a broad spectrum of Palestinian Christians representing a variety of churches and church-related organizations allows the optimistic view that there will now be a greater response from churches worldwide to the situation in the Middle East,” he said.


The Kairos Document was released 11 December by Palestinian Christians calling on the end to occupation of Palestine by Israel.  It calls on churches around the world to help bring an end to “our catastrophe,” referring to the plight of the Palestinian people.


“The Heads of Churches have not just endorsed the document”, Kobia said, “ they have, in fact, signified their support in entirety to the cry of their children by invoking God’s blessings on them and wishing the Kairos initiative more power to maintain and enhance their efforts towards actualizing the message of the Kairos.”


Kobia also said, “as the Palestinians themselves maintain, the rest of the work now begins. The Kairos is an instrument and its launching is the beginning of a new phase of work.”


At this crucial juncture in the efforts of many churches to put an end to the occupation, Kobia invited the WCC member churches around the world to find the effective means to launch peace building strategies that will accelerate the ending of the occupation.


“This cry of the Palestinian Christians and their church leaders provide the fresh basis and reference point in this renewed struggle for justice,” he said. “It is, therefore, inevitable, that the Kairos document is affirmed and its implications be actively pursued in the particular contexts that member churches of the WCC are located in.”.


“In the final analysis, this response to the Kairos call is one that will provide the impetus to establishing love, trust, justice and peace,” he said.



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