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We believe that ending the occupation and promoting peace in Palestine and Israel requires a commitment to a core set of values. These values are integrally related to universally accepted human rights and the Biblical values of love, truth, justice, peace and reconciliation.

Inclusivity – EAPPI is a response of the global Church to the call of the local Church in Palestine and Israel. We, however, intentionally work together as people of all faiths and no faith, in the conviction that the God, whom Christians have come to know through Jesus Christ, is God of all creation and the source of all human effort towards love, justice, and peace. Inclusivity is at the heart of our theology and structure and is embodied in the ideological diversity of our teams.

Humanity - All humans share a common humanity and are equal in their rights to live with dignity, security, and the opportunities to live up to their fullest potential. In the spirit of our common humanity, we are dedicated to alleviating human suffering and practicing nonviolence.

Nonviolence – We are committed to living in a way that rejects the use of violence. Rather, we seek to bring change by engaging individuals and groups in peaceful strategies. We believe nonviolence is the only way  to a true and lasting solution to conflict. Not only are our actions nonviolent, but we also we support all people working nonviolently for peace in Israel and Palestine.

Just peace -The current situation in Palestine and Israel is harmful to both Palestinians and Israelis. Only through resisting injustice and ensuring equal rights for all, can we achieve true peace and reconciliation. A just peace is contingent on ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine, in accordance with international law and UN resolutions.

Principled Impartiality - We are not pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian and we do not take sides in the conflict. We are pro-human rights and international humanitarian law. We do not discriminate against anyone and stand faithfully with the poor, the oppressed, and the marginalized.

Cooperation – Genuine transformation is only possible with the participation of those most affected by conflict. Therefore, we uphold the vision of the local church for a just peace and reconciliation, walk side by side with local Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers, live directly with the local community, and work with local and international organizations. Together we can raise our voice against injustice.

We enact our core values by using an internationally recognized model called ‘Accompaniment’. Learn about Our Model.

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