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Invite a speaker

We’ve had EAs from 25 countries.  If you can’t come to the Holy Land, why not get someone from your country to share their experience?

Our EAs are available to speak to a variety of audiences from governmental and political actors, human rights organizations, schools, journalists and media, to churches and other faith communities and much more. Each EA brings a powerful first-hand account of living under occupation and fresh stories of struggle and hope for peace with justice.

If you are interested in arranging an information session on Israel/Palestine and would like to request an EA to speak to your audience, please contact the EAPPI National Coordination Office in your country. They will connect you with an EA best suited to your audience’s interests.

Click on the map to the right to find the national coordinator in your country. For a larger map, click HERE.

*Maps located below text on mobile or tablet.

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