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*Jerusalem includes the Jerusalem Governorate


Access issues in Jerusalem

We monitor the checkpoints that surround Jerusalem, which restrict Palestinians from other parts of the West Bank from accessing the City. EAs count how many people cross these checkpoints; how long it takes them to cross; and documents any human rights violations that may occur at the checkpoints. We specifically track restrictions on Palestinian access to livelihood, education, worship and healthcare within Jerusalem. We also monitors access to worship within the Old City of Jerusalem, in particular to the Church of the Holy Sepluchre during Easter, and the Al Aqsa Mosque on Fridays and during Ramadan.

Displacement issues in Jerusalem

We closely follow the systematic displacement of Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem from the City. In this, regard EAs respond to alerts of family evictions and house demolitions to document and report on these incidents to relevant agencies. We also monitor the displacement of Palestinian communities in Jerusalem’s periphery, in particular the Jahalin bedouin community, as well as in several surrounding villages.

Violence issues in Jerusalem

EAs regularly attend several, weekly demonstrations of both Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers with the aim of using EAPPI’s international profile to enshrine these people’s right to nonviolently protest the Government of Israel’s policies of occupation without the fear of violent suppression by the Israeli police and/or Israeli settlers.


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