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Northern West Bank

*The Northern West Bank includes the Nablus, Tulkarm & Qalqiliya Governorates


Access issues in the Northern West Bank

EAs regularly monitors agricultural gates that Palestinian farmers must cross to access their land and livelihood on the other side of the Separation Wall. Few farmers receive permits to access their land; nonetheless, EAs count how many people cross these gates; how long it takes them to cross; and documents any human rights violations that may occur at the gates. We also monitors access of Palestinians who live in the seam zone (an area east of the 1949 Armistice Line, yet west of the Separation Barrier) to the West Bank. We specifically following seam zone students’ access to education in the West Bank.

Violence issues in the Northern West Bank

EAs document and report on Israeli military incursions, arrest raids (which often target children in rural communities in the Qalqilya Governorate), and incidents of Israeli settler harassment, vandalism and violence towards Palestinians, all of which are frequent occurrences’ in this area of the West Bank.


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